Friday, May 15, 2009

St. Augustine Lighthouse

We go to go to the St. Augustine Lighthouse on Wednesday. It was homeschool day and they had stations set up for the kids. We learned about flags, ship calls & commands, we learned about the words and what they meant, and we heard a great story. The flags were great, they learned about the meaning of the colors and symbols.
The story was neat. A volunteer from the "Daughters of the Revolution" told about her great (x's 5) grandfather who was just a kid when he helped fight in the Revolutionary War!!

The Word search was fun too and they learned about ship words and definitions. We learned a cool way to remember Port & Starboard - Port has four (4) letters and so does LEFT, so the Port side is the Left side!! Cool huh?
I know Stephen's favorite was the ship calls and commands. They talked about how they had to use instruments to tell the sailors and soldiers what to do. They used a Boatswain (pronounced Bo-Sun) to whistle out calls to everyone on the ship. They used a drum to sound out commands to the soldiers on land. They kids practiced the calls.

It was very entertaining. The people were dressed in 1700's authenic clothing!!

After we learned at the different stations... WE GOT TO CLIMB THE LIGHTHOUSE!!
YEAH! 219 STEPS TO THE TOP! It was a long climb!! The Wind is 20 MHP faster at the top of the tower & you could see for 25 Miles!! It was a beautiful day! Everything was amazing!

When we came back down we went to the Museam! It was the lighthouse keepers old house. They had rope tying, period clothing, ship stuff, and even WWII info! It was great. The kids both loved it! We stayed for over an hour.

After we left the lighthouse we went into historic St. Augustine and rode the Old Town Trolly!

We visited the Old Drugstore & the Visitors Center. We had a picnic before the long drive home! Overall it was one of the Best Field Trips we have been on!!
Stephen & Alyssa both want to come to St. Augustine for their B-days!! How Cute!!

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