Thursday, May 7, 2009

Holes Play and Picnic

We had a great day today! We went to see "Holes" as a family. It was so much fun. The kids were so excited about showing Daddy where we go and see plays at. Also, the kids were able to introduced him to their friends. The theater had some info on the book vs. the movie vs. the play. It was really neat!

The stage and scenery was some of the neatest that we have seen yet!! It was cool the way they showed the mountain and they "holes"!!

After the play we have a relaxing picnic in the park!! Locke Haven Park is very nice and we really enjoyed it!

We all layed down for awhile and enjoyed watching the trees in the breeze!!

Alyssa and I looked for shapes in the clouds while Detto and Stephen played catch!!

It was so nice to be out with Detto and the kids and to enjoy the day. It seems like were are always in such a hurry. Today it felt like time stood still for a little bit and we were able to - just be a family!! I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!!

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