Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer is here - the lazy days of quilting have started!!

This week has been alot of fun! We are enjoying our first week of summer!! Yeah! We started the week out with bowling with John & Sam. The kids really liked that. We took Ora - to get her out of the house!! She was hilarious - she kept giving pointers (does she bowl?) I loved it!
John is a very "Artistic" Bowler, he even gives out style points. So even if you don't knock down any pins you will get style points according to John if it looked good!! We laughed ALOT!! Poor Detto lost both games, which surprised me because normally he is such a good bowler. He wouldn't take my advice either - I used the bumpers & I thought he should too!! It was alot of fun. It was so nice to be with John and Sam again!! I am glad that they are happy together again!! She is so cute - her "LITTLE BITTY BELLY". She has always been so tiny, so it was cute to see her little bump!!

The kids are enjoying playing all day. I am enjoying sewing every chance I get. Chloe keeps me pretty busy, so I only get to sew when she is asleep or on my days when I don't have her. She is too big to bring upstairs now. I used to be able to bring her into my sewing area and put her in her bouncer. She would just coo and giggle.... Now she is getting into everything. I have to keep her corralled so that she doesn't eat my fabric!!
I have basted (aka. Pinned) my "My Blue Heaven" and I will begin quilting as soon as I can!! This will take a while, it is a King size quilt and it has lots of seams!! Ugh! I finished quilting my black & White "Crazy Squares" quilt yesterday. I still haven't decided on the binding - I guess I will make another trip to the store, for inspiration purposes Only!! haha
I Also have finished my quilt top for "Jared takes a Wife". I took the pattern and changed it a little. I am very pleased with my outcome. I still need to add the final boarder, but I like it the way it has turned out. I need some additional inspiration for the backing on this quilt - to Joann's I must go!! hahaha

This is some fabric that has been talking to me - but the message is getting jumbled. I cant hear what the pattern should be and so it sits and waits. I have set this out, so that I can see it everyday. I want to make sure I have the right fabric combinations. I think I might add a few more colors. I love the paisley!
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