Friday, May 8, 2009

Tea Party w/ Alyssa

Alyssa is still at the age of tea parties, fairies, and princess's!

This morning she decided that she was going to have a "Tea Party" with Chloe!!

Now the part she didn't realize is Chloe has never had a tea party before. A 6 /12 month old does know what to do with the cup.

It was hillarious! Chloe kept dumping out the "tea" (aka water). Alyssa kept saying, "Please dont dump your tea out. Please dont throw your cup. Proper Princess's dont grab the tea pot!"
Overall, they had a lovely time. Chloe actually drank some of the water out of the cup. Alyssa was pleased to have someone so thrilled about having a tea party. It was cute to just watch and listen!

Alyssa is also trying to teach Chloe manners and how to say "Hi"!!
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