Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Town Baseball in Leesburg, Florida

I realized tonight how big "small town ball" really is in our community. Baseball season is coming to an end and I must be reminiscing already.

I had to search for a parking space tonight! I was shocked!! Grandparents come to every game, aunts & uncle's, cousin's, and neighbors all come out to support the kids!!

I love that we are able to enjoy small town America. We know about 1/2 of the people at the field, either through sports or Detto went to school with them.

Tonight I was talking with one of the other mom's and she said, "Wow, you guys seem to know everyone here!" She's right! Detto went to school with half of the crowd and the other half we either go to church with or have met at the ball field. Now let me clarify - Baseball or Football field.
Someone asked me at church last night, "When is baseball season over?" The best response was given by Detto's friend Bob - Bob chimed in, "Right before soccer starts!" I just stood there and laughed because he is actually correct!! I feel like a true Soccer Mom/taxi Driver. Our schedule is filled with the kids sports!! But, I love every minute of it! I am glad that I am blessed with a sports loving family. It is so fun to watch your kids on a field giving it their all or even bird watching. I love it either way. I love the commradery that it creates and the sense of belonging that the kids have. I am also thrilled at how many homeschoolers participate in city league sports. We have had homeschoolers on every team that we have been on. It is great that mine aren't the only ones. I am truely blessed.

Here are some pictures of Alyssa's game tonight. Unfortunately they are in 5th place (out of 6 teams)!! Thankfully Alyssa could care less what place they are in. She is happy after every game whether they win or lose. She is definately a great player and an asset to her team. She is an excellent hitter and she has great follow through skills on the field. Tonight she had a great stop and a great throw to first base. She kept the runner from getting to second!! I am so proud of her!! We only have a few weeks left and I am sure they will be just as exciting as ever!!

I love my family. I love my community. I love that we have all races and walks of life on the field playing together!!
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