Monday, August 1, 2016

Quilting, Abby, and Alex

As of August 2015, I have made quite a bit of progress on this quilt. This is a leaders and enders, so I don't work on it as a primary quilt! 

I started a quilt for Alyssa.She chose the fabrics and even designed her own pattern. How can a mother/quilter resist?? 
I love it when Alyssa gets involved in the creative process. 
I love it when my kids ask me to make them a quilt. 
Most people I just say, No, but not them!! 

Abby came for a visit!! She is such a ham!

She LOVES to read books! 

She wanted us to take "selfies"....

And she wanted to show her book!

the cat also wanted to read with us! 

Here are some blocks that Lisa and I were working on!


I LOVE these two!! 

He wiggles so much, but I still LOVE these pictures!!

I love how he talks so much! 

Being grandparents ROCK!!

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