Sunday, September 27, 2015

Around the Hotel in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

When we arrived this is what we got from Princess House. 
The little snack was really yummy too!

We headed down on our first night to find some food and we were delighted to find a woman dancing the Hula and a great band!

She was very talented!

The hotel had a QUILT gift shop!!

I loved all of the artwork, but this statue in the front of the Sheraton was pretty impressive! 

This light was so unique.I had to take a picture.

Hawaii was very pretty at night!We enjoyed sitting on the beach, hearing the gentle waves, and looking at the lights!

When we walked into the town I wanted proof that we were in Waikiki!! 
So cool! 

I am enjoying looking at all of my pictures of Hawaii! 
I will be posting more tomorrow! 

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