Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Selfies on The Missions Trip

me and Mary Gaeta

Look its Me and Carmen

Sissy is so pretty! 

Mary, Me, Mandi Donohue, Linda Paul, and Noni (Aka Pat, Aka Mom)

Diane Curth and Me! 

Me and Sissy

It's almost the whole Group! 

David took my selfie stick! LOL

She is so pretty! I love my daughter!

I made her stop so I could take her picture!It's Alyssa!

Our whole group!

Adventure Christian Church STM Missions Team to Mexico

This was a library they had at the Presidential Palace. We weren't really aloud to go inside to look around, so I'm not sure if its like our Library of Congress. 

I love the architecture! 

These were buttons made by the Presidents wife out of string.

These must have taken FOREVER!! 

Look how intricate they are! 


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