Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas ~ 2014!!

I am not sure why these pictures didn't post already! Hmm... Well here they are!Anytime you see black that is bat droppings! Yuck

The bats left a lot behind... yuck!

Look at how long this cavern is...

 After each cavern that we went through I was shocked at the size of this place!

My adorable Man!!

I love the name of this cavern. 
Cavern of the Giants!

And.. These things were gigantic!

This was called the throne.

Do you see the chandeliers?

 So happy together!! :)

These formations were more amazing than either of us could have imagined. 

More bat remnants. 

This took a long time to form!

I still cant believe how big these rooms are! There is water at the bottom of this space.

See the water?

I am going to have to add another post to include the last few pictures. 

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