Friday, August 1, 2014

San Antonio Botanical Gardens ~ Part 2

On our walk over to the conservatory area we found this beautiful fountain area!

It was so neat!

Detto got video of it!
I love it! 

I sat on the bench and enjoyed the moment in my surroundings! 

Here is the conservatory!!

This place was AMAZING!!They had a Rainforest Area!

They had carnivorous plants! 

Look at the swirly ones!

I love the leaves on this plant!

and this blew my mind!

look at these!! Aren't they picture perfect?!!?

There was a Cactus/ Desert area.I walked in and had to leave quickly. It was wayyyyy toooooo hot!

Detto!! My explorer guide showing me the way through the jungle! LOL

Then we went over to the Palm Tree area!

They had tons of different palms!


On our way out we saw this...See the mouths?

Do you see the baby birds in this nest??

The mommy bird flew up fed them and flew away soooo quickly that I couldn't get a picture of it!This is where the nest was... 
In the top corner of a doorway to a stairwell! 
How did she make the nest stick to the wall??
It was so strange. I have never seen anything like this. 

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