Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Festival & Halloween 2013

This year Halloween was a lot of fun! 
I love that my kids still like to Dress Up! 

Stephen and Julie were Spaghetti and a big meatball!! 
Alyssa was Jace from Duck Dynasty! 
I was Mrs. Pack-man and Detto was one of the ghost's from Pack-man! 
I love that he lets me dress him up every year! So cute! 

Jackson was a fearless steed! 

He had a little jouster on his back! 

I was sooooo cute !

We went to the Church's Fall Festival! 

Everyone was so cute! 
I loved seeing everyone in their costumes! 

Here is our Happy Group! 

Look at Jasmine! 
She was "Jasmine"! 

Noni and Popi were there too! 
Can you guess what Noni's costume is?

She was a Black Eyed "P"!! 
And Popi?? A Green "P"! 
I loved the creativity! 

Michelle went all out! 

I am not sure if she was a punk rocker or just 

Lot of people showed up! 

Ganon was a Mini Dr. Carrasco! 

Here is my Emillee! 

 Julie got her face painted!

It turned out cute! 

I worked one of the games in order to help out! 

The kids had lots of fun with the games inside and outside.

Jace was Clark Kent! 

I thought this costume was VERY Creative! 



Silly Girls! 

Tommy got beat by a GIRL!! 

I thought this sleeping Clown is HILARIOUS!! 

Then on Halloween...The kids all went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. 
The Men took the kids and the Ladies when out to dinner together! 
Everyone had fun! 

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