Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tn ~ Part 7

The Country Music Hall of Fame was filled with so much music history! We LOVED it! 

These platinum, gold, and silver records were awesome! 

I loved seeing all of the old costumes! There is such a pride shown with all of the clothing, boots, and hats. 
And such a clear change of the styles and colors! 

I love these people! I am glad that they were enjoying the museum as much as I was! 

Look at all of these Grammies! 

Weren't these RCA doggies cute!?!?!

I really enjoyed Carrie Underwood Section! She is such an amazing vocalist and performer! 

Her costumes were very well made and very pretty! 

I loved all of the details. So neat to see all of this! 

She has great stylists. 

These dresses for "Blown Away" are awesome! 

Look at Brad Paisley's stuff...

Rascal Flats! 

Keith Urban

The one and only Dolly Parton! 

Detto played for this guy!

We actually have a copy of this picture! 

This was one of my favorite spots in Nashville, Tn! 
It was such a great spot to visit! 

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