Thursday, August 15, 2013

Strong Bonds ~ Road Trip! Part 1

We headed out to Nashville, Tn to a Strong Bonds Family Conference. 

We DROVE... and when I say we, I mean Detto drove his truck and I drove my car! 

It was a long drive, but I loved view!

 This was such a pretty area!

We stayed at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel... This was our view!
We were trying to figure out what it was. Is it a school? Medical Center??
Nope it was a convent!!! 

We could see downtown from the hotel. 
Thankfully we were not IN DOWNTOWN, we were 2 miles outside of the downtown area.
The view was soooo pretty.

While we were there, we were able to do some sight seeing.The first place that we went to was to the State Museum!! 

This guitar was a limited (only 3 made) Ivory inlaid Gibson made from the tree "ole Hickory" that was on Andrew Jackson's property. It blew down in a hurricane and Gibson made these and dedicated them to Andrew Jackson! 

It was so 

We had lots of fun checking out the pioneer exhibits! 

I really enjoyed the fabric part! 

Stephen got all "caught up" in the museum! 

We even started to walk away and then we changed our mind! 

He's too cute to leave behind! 

The printing press there was fascinating. It is amazing that they use to have to do all of this by hand! 

There will be more soon... 

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