Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alyssa's 13th Birthday!!

For Alyssa's 13th Birthday she wanted to go to the beach!!

So.... we loaded up the car with her cousins and brother and headed to the beach! 

We met up with some of the Dale girls.... It was so much fun! 

They played football on the beach! 

It was lots of fun! 

I love the kids! 
A storm chased us off of the beach! But it was fun while it lasted! 
She also had a sleep over, movie night, and cake! 

Yippy! She had a Thor cake! 

She is so cute! 

Isn't she adorable??

making a wish...

blowing out the candles! 

She had lots of fun! 

Then it was time for presents.... 

She got these cute slippers! 

a movie

another movie! This was a GREAT movie! 

and another movie! 

She is so cute! 

She also got a....


I love my little artist!

and then she got a paint brush storage set!



Stephen even got in on the fun! 

He is so crazy! 

Then...I took her into the Daddy's office and she found a surprise!! 

Yippy!! She got a long-board!

Stephen was even excited! LOL

She was so adorable! 
I love this girly!! 

More posing!! 

I am glad that she was so happy! 
I pray that her 13th year is blessed and she is healthy, happy and grows closer to God! 

We love you Sissy! 
Your the best Alyssa in the whole world! 

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