Thursday, August 22, 2013

Around the Town, Nashville, Tn ~ Part 8

Hanging out around Nashville it was full of music. There were musicians on every corner. 

This thing was CRAZY! 
It was a pedal tavern. These people pedaled around the town while they drank. 

Then we checkout the Walk of Fame...

There was some beautiful architecture.

We went to dinner at Monell's! 

It was a "family style" restaurant.

We sat at a huge family style dinner table and there were platters that were passed around the table.

The food was good "Soul Food"! Fried Chicken, catfish, veggies, cornbread, etc.
It was all you can eat! 

I liked the Red, White, and Blue Christmas tree.

I loved the tea pot collection that I saw! 
I love different tea pots! I would have loved bringing a few of these home with me! 

Aren't they interesting?!?!

The mural on the wall was really pretty!

The garden out front was really pretty!

There was lots of  spots to sit and enjoy the scenery! 

Stephen and I enjoyed the Coy Fish Pond! 

Isn't she cute?
This restaurant was actually in a neighborhood. 

This old church was very pretty!

I also liked this mural! 
There was lots of  stuff to see! 
We really enjoyed checking out the town. 

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