Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Detto Update ~ Fort Sam Houston

Detto has been gone now for over a month! 
He sent me some pictures of what he has been up to! 
They went to the gun range and then they have been in the field for 3 weeks.
Poor guy, in a tent in Texas in the Summer! 

He got to do Medical Black Hawk Training!!
Look at that smile! 

I bet it was loads of fun!!

Views from the Black Hawk.... 

This is the Black Hawk he got to train on! 

This is Detto's unit after their training...They started their day at 2am! 
Wow that is early! 

Detto got to go to church for this first time since he has been in Texas this weekend! This is a picture of David Robinson praying for the service!! 

Stephen Curtis Chapman did the worship!! 

Detto said the great part was watching him jam with his boys! 
I am glad that he is having fun! 
At least he got to go to church! What a blessing! 

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