Friday, August 23, 2013

Strong Bonds trip to Nashville, Tn ~ Final Post!

Whenever we travel, we always try to eat at the most well known and recommended restaurants. 

Before we went to Nashville I looked up the top 10 places to eat in the city! 
The Number One recommended place in all of Nashville was Jacks BBQ! 

We tried it out... It was pretty good, but not as good as Black Bear Smokehouse! 

After that we headed to check out the local candy store....

It was so cool to watch them make the taffy right there! 

They are so cute! 

Stephen was being silly! It was making me laugh. He would NOT smile! 

Detto was watching the staff hand-dip strawberries and make caramel corn! YUMMY!

Look at this...Spicy Crickets, who wants one?
Not me!

Did you know this is how taffy is made?I sure didn't. I was shocked. It was really neat to see! 

These guys were actually really good! They were playing objects as instruments. Wash-tub bass, suitcase as a drum, etc. 

Alyssa found him!

LOL! She is such a teenager! 

Stephen was really impressed! LOL

We also went and checked out the Johnny Cash store! It was really neato!! 

I thought this was adorable! 

Check out this motorcycle! 

That is just crazy!

My favorite people! 

Hee hee! 

Then we walked around the town and listened to the bands playing! 

Lots of live music here! 

We found ELVIS!! LOL

We checked out Earnest Tubs Music Store! 

These guys were really good! 

I loved the artwork! 

We FINALLY found a pressed penny machine! 

After we said good-bye to Detto he headed to Texas and we headed home! 

It was a LONG drive home! I love these kids! 
Nashville, TN was a fun trip! I am glad that we went! 
I really learned a lot about our family in the Strong Bonds sessions. I am glad that they gave us so much free time to check out the town. Overall it was a successful trip! 

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