Monday, August 19, 2013

Ryman Theater, Nashville, Part 5

On one of our Afternoons off Alyssa and I headed downtown while the boys went to the NAMM Convention. 

This town is very pretty! 

I wanted to check out the Ryman Theater!

It was the Birthplace of Bluegrass after all! 

I wanted to check it out with my girly! 

I LOVE this statue! 

This was the ORIGINAL STAGE!! 

This is where the GREATS sang, performed, and poured out their hearts to audiences! 

I love that they had so much memorabilia!Alyssa and I were so overwhelmed with all of the history! 

The costumes were so detailed and elaborate!

Look Behind Sissy...A Nun was there checking it out! Hee hee! 

The Raw talent that played on this stage is mind blowing! 

They did it all LIVE!! 

June and Johnny Cash! 

 The awards that were won... WOW!! 

The old Steamboat captain who built the church gave free passes to the preacher to all of his boats! 

The gospel that was preached and the songs and praise sung to God is an awesome beginning! 

They still record here! 

I thought that was really neat! 

Isn't it pretty?
Sissy got to sing on STAGE!! 

We both liked that! We sang Amazing Grace together! It is something that I will remember for the rest of my life! 
Standing on the ORIGINAL Grand Ole Opry Stage and singing with my daughter! 
What a GREAT Memory! 

I loved reading the history of who played, sang, and acted here! 
The one and only Louis Armstrong played here! 

Even during segregation they had black artists performing here! I thought that was really neat! 
Ethel Barrymore! 
Will Rogers

Harry Houdini!! WOW!! 

Charlie Chaplin!! Did you know that all of these people were here at the Grand Ole Opry?? I didn't! 

Minnie Pearls Passport! 

Did you know that the tag was an accident that she decided to keep?? She bought the flowers to add to her "plain" hat and forgot to take off the tag! LOL 

I loved seeing all of the original posters from artists who played here! 

Even the Jonas Brothers have played there! WOW!

I loved the artwork.It showed a glimpse back in time! 

Alyssa and I really enjoyed our time together! 
After we were done, we met up with the boys and headed over to the Country Music Hall of Fame! 
That post is on the way!! 

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