Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nashville, Tn Part 4 ~ The Grand Ole Opry!

When driving around Nashville, Tn I was very impressed with this Baptist Hospital! 
I was glad that there are Christians who are doing things to help the community! 

We were trying to fit alot of sight seeing into just a few days, so....We headed over to the Grand Ole Opry at night! 
 We really liked the GIANT Guitars! The kids are such cute "posers"! Hee hee hee!

They were crackin' me up! I love these crazies! 

I soooo wanted to get Detto one of these shirts! Isn't he cute??

After we checked out the Opry and I bought a few souvenirs we headed over to the mall! We found a really cool Aquarium Restaurant.
I had to check it out!  

I love fishes! 

They let people just walk around the aquarium part, but they also had a dining area where you could eat next to the fishes! 

It made me want to go snorkeling again! 

Isn't this one neat?God is so creative. I love all the different sea life! 

This guy looks like he glows.No flashlight needed! 

They are all so beautiful! 

It was a good day! I just had to take some more pictures of my HOT hubby! I love this guy! 
I will post more soon! 

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