Saturday, August 17, 2013

Strong Bonds, Nashville, Tn, Part 3 Studio B & The Parthenon

We took a tour bus to the studio and we were soooooo amazed with the history of this place! 

So many "Greats" wrote and recorded here! 

It was great hearing their music and being where they had been! 

I loved that they had so much original equipment here! 

This is "THE PIANO" that Elvis and so many other GREAT musicians played! 

It took sooooo much self control for Detto to not monopolize this spot! 

The original Sound Booth! 


We were really enjoying this! 

You could really feel that this place was just different. It had such a musical feel throughout the whole studio! 

After Studio B, we walked around some more and look what else we found.. 
The Ryman Theater! 

After a long day in town we decided to go and check out the Parthenon.... 

The park that it was set in was AMAZING!! What a great variety of plants and gardens! 

This place was really cool. It is a full scale replica of the original Parthenon in Greece. 

Such amazing workmanship! 

I could not believe how HUGE it was! 

Look at these cuties....They look minuscule compared to those doors! 


Me and my Detto!! 

I love how these two are always so intellectual!  

I took this picture trying to show the size of the steps.... 
They were about 18 inches high! 

There was a group of youth that were singing and playing instruments out front! 

It wasn't long before Alyssa had joined in... 

After that fun we decided to check out the rest of the park and gardens... 

So pretty! 

Alyssa was fascinated with the lightening bugs. 

She decided to catch some! 


She wanted to figure out how they light up! 

Silly Florida Girl! This stuff is new to us! LOL

Even Stephen was enjoying the gardens. 

She is too much! :)

This place was so picture perfect! 

It seemed that every corner that we went around revealed a new "Secret Garden"! 

We heard live music and just followed the sound...
We were surprised to find this church service going on under a covered shelter area. 

That's enough fun for today... 
See ya tomorrow! 

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