Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Villages Quilt Show! Part 1

Recently, Lisa and I were blessed to be able to go and visit the Villages Quilt Show together! 

It is always fun visiting a quilt show with a fellow quilter like Lisa! 
One of my favorite parts of every show is the "Challenge Quilts". 
Each show and guild does it different, but this guilds challenge was to use the red fabric shown above and make at least one Log Cabin Block. 
The winning Wall Hanging is shown above. 
I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but it is an actually 3-D Log Cabin! 
Too Cute! 

They were all amazing, but I had to show these few! 

Lisa and I also love to participate in the raffles! 
(even though we never win!)

I thought this "Villages Quilt was too cute!" 
 It shows different places in the Villages. (bridges, walking paths, golf cart trails, etc.)
We decided to wait until after lunch to check out the "Vendor Hall"! 

 This quilt was an amazing combination of piecing and applique. 

This is one that is on my "Quilt Bucket List."
 Lisa and I already bought the book, now we just need to pick up the fabric and get moving!

I have a weak spot for "Christmas Quilts"! 

Lisa has a weak spot for "Art Quilts"! 
There were plenty here to admire! 

This Grandmothers Flower Garden was Mind BLOWING! It boasted over 2800 pieces! 

This show really sparked my interest in working with "Jewel Tones"! 
I was drawn to those quilts with stark contrasting colors! 

This was HILARIOUS! 

Another Art Quilt! 

I had to show this picture...
Do you notice the smallest quilt?
The tag on this one had me laughing out loud. It said this woman had always entered a quilt in her guilds show every year and so she quickly stitched these scraps together in order to complete an entry on time. She has multiple projects in differently stages of completion, but didn't want to rush through those! LOL
I'm sure many quilters can relate! 

I will post more pictures soon! 

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