Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Orlando Quilt Show ~ Part 3

I love taking pictures of the quilters with their quilts. 
It seems that all you need to do is comment on a quilt and you just might find out who made it! 

These quilts and their brilliant patterns and colors were so awe inspiring! 

I have TONS of pictures of Lisa and quilts on my camera! She has most of the pictures of me on her camera. LOL

For lunch we decided to eat off sight. This was what we got to see...Orlando is interesting! 

After we got our lunches we drove to the backside of the fairgrounds to eat! Isn't the view GREAT??

We also got to see some animals that were being shown in the animal pavilion.

MOOOve over for the cows! 

We'll be BAAAaack! 

Then we headed back over to the QUILTS!!! 

This is a quilt that Lisa and I bought the book for. We have made only ONE block so far... In two years! LOL 

I found another quilt maker! She said this was a 10 YEAR quilt. 
She started it and then put it away. Then she found it again and added a few more blocks and then back into storage. She originally was making it for her 10 year old son! LOL 
I hope her 20 yr old boy still likes to fish! 
I will be posting more pictures of the quilt show tomorrow! 

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