Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fun With ABBY & the Kids!

After the Villages Quilt Show I took Abby home with me for an impromptu sleepover! 
She is so much fun! 
So Much ENERGY!!!  
 I love it! She wanted to play piano and sing with Uncle Detto!

She loved every minute of it! 

Stephen is sooooo cute! Both Stephen and Alyssa are growing up so fast! 

While Abby was over... 
Nana called!Abby HAD TO TALK!! 

This girly LOVES to talk on the phone! 

She also LOVES to play with TOYS! I love that she know right where her toys are and that she is fairly self-entertaining! 

Notice Sissy in the background??Abby insisted on watching cartoons while playing! So... Sissy complied!

I am still going to school FULL TIME... It is getting old quick! I am starting to feel like there is not much point in me completing my degree. 
I am sure the cats constant disruption has NOTHING to do with my frustration...

Do you see this CRAZY Juliet??

She will squeeze into ANY spot! 

This is my VALENTINES Wall hanging that I am working on... What do you think?

In process - quilting! 
I don't quilt very many things on my home machine anymore. 
It is sooooo much easier to throw it on Lisa's "Merida" (her short arm machine) and whip it out. 
I still enjoy quilting on my machine... especially when it is something this small! 

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