Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Orlando Quilt Show ~ Part 1

Lisa and I were blessed to be able to attend the Florida Cabin Fever Quilt Show at the Central Florida Fairgrounds last weekend! 
It was an AWESOME show! I took soooo many pictures. 
I enjoyed myself THOROUGHLY, except for... 
Apparently, there was a REPTILE show next door to the quilt show... UGH!!! SNAKES - I HATE SNAKES! 

This was the raffle quilt that this guild made! What extreme tallent! 

This was the BEST OF SHOW!! I was really impressed with this quilt! I can see why it won the overall! 

I like the idea that this guild has...The had a silent auction for these ADORABLE mini's! 

This one was too cute! It went for a LOT of $$$!!

Here is another that I would LOVE to hang in my sewing roon! 

So sweet!

Now onto the quilt show... 
This quilt was very simple, but I love the placement and the use of simplistic colors! 

They had a Teddy Bear Challenge:
The idea was to make or buy a bear and then make an accompanying mini quilt for the bear! 

They were all very cute! 

The story's that accompanied the bears cracked me up! Lisa and I were literally laughing out loud! 

They also had a fabric challenge: 
You have to use a particular fabric in your quilt! 

I was shocked at the creativity... 

This lady's face was created with thread art... Can you see the details??

 They were all lovely. I love the details on this one, especially the double borders and the beading!

When Lisa and I first arived I was VERY NERVOUS!! 

This one WON!!! 

Look at how small these pieces are! WOW!! 

This was also VERY CUTE!!This was a womans interpretation of certain storybooks as mini quilts. 
The details were amazing! 

I love Mini's! 

This was interesting, the lady that made it had pins from her life on each leaf! This would be fun to do with quilt show pins! 

So original! 

Lisa loves chickens! LOL

I LOVE this one! 

More to come soon! 

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