Friday, February 8, 2013

Villages Quilt Show ~ Part 3

Lisa & I loved all of the different quilts that were shown. 
One of these days we are going to join a guild and enter our quilts in a show! 

I LOVE Christmas Quilts! 

Lisa just had to touch this one! 

It is so pretty! 

I love all of the intricate quilting. 

So many seams! Love it! 


I am so drawn to BLUE's! 

I loved the simplicity! 

These are all antique quilts! 
Aren't they amazing?

I love the story that goes with this quilt! 
There was a man who was fighting his alcohol addiction and so his sister told him that keeping his hands busy would help... She taught him how to cross-stitch and this is what he made...

Isn't that an inspiring story? He overcame! 

Scrappy Skirt! 

Another antique top that is so neato! 

I love the jewel tones. 

This lady made her jacket from fabrics that she collected in Latin America. front


so simple, but so stunning! 

I want to get some of my quilts appraised one day! 

I love that there is a kitty hiding in the corner. 

Lisa and I met up with Amy and Abby for lunch and brought them back with us! 
It was Amy's first Quilt Show! 
How exciting! 
(the pic above is Amy drooling over this applique quilt!)

More to come soon... 

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