Friday, July 6, 2012

What did you do on the 4th?? Part 1

We spent time with AMARA!! 
She is soooo GREAT!

Stephen and Amara are only 7 months apart in age.They are so cute. 
To me they look so much alike.

We were rocking out in the car....Amara had to catch it all on video.

Sissy, Amara, & I all got our faces painted! 

Stephen enjoyed an icy! Do you like the blue mouth?? 

Mount Dora is such a great town to live in.

Alyssa got an American Flag painted!

They had a dance area...Can you spot Chris and his kids dancing??

My kids even joined in the action!!

Chris' Twins are so adorable! 

We saw these guys break dancing...

Look at them flipping!

Sissy is so cute! 

The National Guard Band played at the waterfront. They were really good. 

We even saw Lisa & Ronnie!!

She was working on one of her embroidery blocks. 

Ronnie is so silly!

Lisa's Dad & M-I-L (not pictured) were there to watch the fireworks! 

This lake is so pretty.

Waiting for the fireworks was so beautiful to watch.

The kiddo's took off for awhile to see their friends, but then we all watched the fireworks together! 
To Be continued...


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