Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeding Ducks with Abby

We took Jackson to visit Amy for a haircut and while they were hanging out I got to hang with 

She wanted to feed the ducks with Stephen.

She wanted to run to them instead of letting them to come to us!

Cousins :)

Abby didn't want to miss anything the big kids were saying or doing! 

She threw her bread...but it didn't make it more than a foot or so in front of her.

She kept calling Stephen's friend Julian - Batman!

My Abby!

When these birds came over to get some bread, Abby was thrilled that the "ducks" were hungry!

Some of the Villagers were playing with some really cool sailboats.

Abby had some "Mommy & Daddy" feathers. 

Abby decided she wanted to give some hugs to the birdies!

Abby with her feathers.

Stephen started chasing the birds and Abby started to follow. I was laughing so hard!

Stephen is so good with her. Abby used her feathers to "fly"!

It was lots of fun!
I love spending time with this little girl!


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