Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sissy got....

Let me start by saying "I LOVE MY FAMILY!"

I thought it was adorable that Jackson climbed up in Stephen's lap and got comfy!

Detto is getting dark from all of this yard work! LOL

Ok, Now to the main point of this post...
She has been on a waiting list with Shands Ortho Clinic and we finally got the call. 
They want to put braces on her to correct her cross bite and crowding. 

She was accepted into their Student Clinic so that University of Florida Orthodontic Students can learn how to correct a cross bite!

Yippy for us! 
That means a HUGE savings in her orthodontic treatment!!

Stephen went with us and had to "play" with the samples!

She was a little nervous about getting braces.

Mommy was right there to make her laugh!

Stephen also had a consult (because Sissy is in the program) so now he will get to be put on the waiting list so that we can save a ton on his braces too!

Here the Dr. is gluing on the brackets. 

Don't they look SPARKLY!?!?!

She got the wire put in to pull her right front tooth out some. 

They handed Alyssa a mirror to check out her new look. 

She couldn't get over how different it looked. 

So far, She is in a little pain, but smoothies and Ice Cream have been helping! 


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