Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Renninger's Antique Market & Gardening

On Saturday Detto and I decided to head down to Renninger's to visit the
"Vintage Garden Show" and get some plants!

We saw these hibiscus and HAD TO HAVE THEM!!  I had never seen these colors! 

I love the "antique-y" part of Renninger's also!You can find some interesting things here! 

We looked at all of the great trees and plants.

Check out this cactus in bloom.

This was so cute! 

I love how crazy people are here.

I tried to talk Detto into buying me this glass chandelier, but I couldn't think of where I would put it. 
He didn't fall for the... Let's buy and see where it looks good!

We filled the truck up THREE times with plants & trees!

Look at those big muscles! 

We completed the row of hedges on the right side of the house!

Here is my neighbor Carl. He made a comment about me taking pictures, so...I had to take one of him! LOL

It took us all day Saturday & most of the day on Sunday to plant everything. 
I will post pictures soon...

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