Friday, July 13, 2012

Around the House Update...

I have been a busy bee around here. 
I made a few new pillows for the back porch. 
I LOVE the blue one. The floppy flowers are so cute!

Detto planted some flowering vines along the back porch. 

I cant wait for them to get bigger!

We even added a few new trees.

I love the way this side of the yard looks now. 
The whole hedge line is in. Now we just need them to GROW!!

My garden is looking a little rough...The tomatoes are still growing like crazy, but I am sick of them. 
I am ready to pull them out! 

Detto watered all of the new plants EVERY morning before he left! Now it's up to me to keep them alive...
(Let's pray for rain!)

I love where he put this crate myrtle.

I even added a vine to my mailbox! 

He is so cute!

I love my home! 

We went to Mom & Dad's and Detto just had to try his hand at chopping wood!

He did pretty good!

He added a few pieces to the pile before we had to take off! LOL


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