Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alpine Coaster, Piancovallo - Week 7

This week we decided to try something a little different.
We love the Alpine Slides that we have ridden in Colorado, so we decided to try the Alpine Coaster in Piancovallo!

Here are some pictures from our adventure!

After we rode the coaster a few times we walked around the town of Piancovallo!
It was such a pretty mountain town!

Sam really liked the Bears!

I think they were scared of her!

Alyssa had to show that bear who was boss!

Stephen giving the dear kisses!

After all of our fun in Piancovallo we started for home...

This is where the "moon came out" in the middle of the day! hee hee hee

We drove by Lake Barcis!
We made a wrong turn and I will have to show you what we found in Part two...

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