Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trieste, Italy ~ Part 2 ~ Week 7

After we found the correct Piazza we hopped on a bus to go and see the Grotta Giagante, or the Gigantic Cave. The buses in Italy are not like US buses. First of all you dont pay on the bus, you have to go to a tobacco shop to buy your ticket! Second of all, tickets are not per ride they are per hour! Third of all, there are only maybe 10 seats on the whole bus and they face every different direction! Anyway, enough about the bus.
These are some of the pictures of our trip up to the cave...

This cave is the largest accessible cave in THE WHOLE WORLD!!
It was soo cool!
Here are our pictures...

There were 500 steps leading down into the cave. You know what that means right??
There were 500 steps back up out of the cave! What a workout!

They said that at the entrance to many caves in the region they found bear skeletons...
We LOVED exploring this cave! It was amazing!

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