Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trieste, Italy ~ Castle of San Giusto Part 4 ~ Week 7

Then we went to see the Castle of San Giusto!
This castle took almost two centuries to build, but it was finished in 1630!
Check it out..

This place was sooo huge!
From the castle courtyard we could look down and see the entire seaside town of Trieste!

This is the statue in the courtyard -
This is soldiers carrying a wounded warrior!

After we sat and stared at the town below we realized that if we didn't start walking we would miss our train.
These are some pictures we took along the walk back to the train station...

When we realized that we missed our train we decided to stop and get....
I sure will miss you gelato!
And I HAD to include this picture! This was what I imagined a "typical Italian couple" would look like!! Or maybe my Mom & Dad when they get old! Hee hee hee
So, when we finally caught the next train this is what we saw on the way home.

The vinyards are EVERYWHERE!

I love the mountains!

And of course my babies, sick of being on the train...
Do you see Alyssa's red streaks in her hair?? This was what she wanted for her birthday!

We even put a little color in the front of Stephen's hair!

Goodbye Trieste! I will miss you!
This town was a great place to visit. There was sooo much more we would have loved to see. I would definately recoment spending a few days here!

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