Thursday, September 8, 2011

Skype with Detto

Detto and I have been able to talk a few times on Skype.
It is so nice to see his face.

I know that it is hard being in the Sand Box! War is not fun and it is not good.
I am glad for those days when I do get to talk to him.

It is hard going days and weeks at a time without being able to talk to the Man I LOVE!

Even with all of the technology available, he is sometimes not able to use it.
He goes on missions and there is no wi-fi or time to sit and chat with your loved ones at home.

Also, a fact that many people may not know is, if a soldier wants to call home they either need to stand in long lines to use an outdoor payphone (can you say sandstorm?), or they have to pay to have internet in order to talk on Skype. The internet their costs aproximately double what our monthly bill at home costs and the service is TERRIBLE and not always available.
And US phone cards dont always work, or the minute used are 6-7x's as fast as they would be in the US. Example a 60 minute phone card gives a soldier aprox. 5 minutes of talk time!

Let us not forgot to pray for our military.
They are sacrificing ALOT for us here at home!
And for the record - Deployments SUCK!
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