Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trieste, Italy ~ Cattedrale di San Giusto Part 3 ~ Week 7

After we rode the bus back down to the town we decided to hike up another mountain to see a church and castle.
This is Cattedrale di San Giusto

This church was like a museum, it had TONS of art from when it was built! It was covered in gold!

I love the painting on the ceilings.

I have no idea what was in this box, but it was protected by iron gates.And security cameras were all over it!

Something that I dont understand about Catholic Churches is that they keep body parts of the saints in the church...
This is one of the saints! Yikes!

I love the tile work on the floors!
It reminds me of a quilt pattern!

The kids and I sat in this church and listened to the monks sing for about 20-30 minutes! It was sooo cool. We just looked around at the paintings, architecture, and marble and listened. It was an experience I will never forget!

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