Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hiking In Maniago, Italy

One day while we were at Samantha's house we were all sitting around the kitchen table talking. Sam had let me borrow some books she had about Italy and of course, I was complaining that the hiking book didn't have any trails anywhere near her house! Everything was at least 2-3 hrs away!
So, she told us about a cool waterfall that was right near her home!
And that was the begining of our hiking adventure...

 Well, we started out looking for the waterfall,
we couldn't find the original path but we found this church and next to it...

there was a path.

So we decided to take it and see where it leads.

Sam and I took turns carrying Anaia up the hill!

Look what we saw.

This hike was quite a workout!
It was very neat. The kids kept wanting to go farther and farther. We went until we could go no farther.
Then we came back down and rested!

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