Tuesday, December 18, 2012

UF's Natural History Museum ~ Part 2

After we were blown away by the cool creatures that God made, we checked out the Indian area...

There was so much information on native tribes that lived in this area.

It blows my mind that we can learn so much from trash and debris left behind by a civilization.

The boys really got into it! LOL

Stephen is so cute, trying to name the animals. 
I love that my kids love to learn!
They value knowledge! That makes me soooo proud! 

Then we headed over to check out some bones...

and teeth...

and skeletons! 

It was really cool! 
Notice the picture... Stephen reading the display and Johnny is texting. LOL 

We needed more time to see it all, but we will go again soon. 
We had to make sure we were not late for Stephen and Alyssa's Orthodontic Appointments!

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