Monday, December 10, 2012

Still Playing Catch-up - Halloween 2012 & Fall Festival

This year Detto was actually home for Halloween. This is the first time in THREE years! 
I am was SO excited that I ran out and bought us some costumes!  
I was Spaghetti & Detto was Meat Balls! 

Stephen and Johnny were Mitt Romney & Obama (respectively)! 

Sissy was Cleopatra! She is so cute! 

Detto and I volunteered at the Fall Festival. 
Detto was getting ready for the long night ahead! 

We tested our jump house before the Fall Festival! 

I loved all of the kids costumes! 

My boys are so cute! 

After the Fall Festival we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood!
Look at all of their goodies:
They made their piles and I checked EVERY SINGLE PIECE!!

Stephen is so cute! 

I love these little bitties!

Johnny had never been trick-or-treating and he loved EVERY minute of it! 

I love my FAMILY!! 

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