Monday, December 31, 2012

Trying to take pictures & Heaton Family Christmas!

Trying to get a good picture of these crazies is not easy...

Some pics look good until you notice that someone is covering their face...

then there are the goof pics...


Well, Abby is still off in space...

Good enough! NO goofy expressions and everyone is smiling! 

We did Christmas with my side of the family on Christmas Eve after the church Candle Light service! 
I absolutely LOVE candle light services. I do not know what it is about them that I love so much, but I always feel at peace when I go to one.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus before we opened presents! 

I love watching little ones open gifts! 

Jason and Corinne got a Gator Quilt from me this year! 

Amy got a casserole carrier...

"I want more gifts" LOL
That's not what she was saying! 

Charlie got a Gag gift, and iDrive!
It is supposed to attach your tablet to your steering wheel, bike, jet ski, etc. 

and Jason go a Snuggly that fits up to 8 people! LOL
These two were too irresistible not to buy!  I had to buy them.  
Most of our gifts were handmade. 
Kirin and Ishana got juggling balls. 

Jason and Corinne got redneck wine glasses...made from mason jars! 

Sissy and I made cork boards for the girls! 

& Scarves

Stephen was having lots of fun!

I was so excited to give gifts! 

My Mom made me this AWESOME scarf! 

Abby was so cute! She just wanted to play with the gifts, not open them! 
Amy also got a quilt from me, but I forgot to take a picture. 
She was crying when she opened it and that distracted me! LOL
It was a ton of fun! 
The best part was that Mom & Dad gave to Gospel for Asia in our name! 
That is a gift that will really do some good!!! 
When Sissy found out she burst into tears of JOY! 
That was on her Christmas list!
It was a WONDERFUL Christmas! 

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