Saturday, December 29, 2012

Abby's 3rd Birthday!

I cannot believe how fast this little girl is growing up!!
She is getting so big and sassy! 

But that smile will melt any heart!

She was so excited about each and every gift she opened! 

Reilly was so helpful to explain what each of her gifts were. 
I am so glad that they are so close in age!  

Abby & Charlie shared a Minnie Mouse Cake! 

Abby blew out the candles...

Then Charlie blew out the candles! 
Their birthdays are only a few days apart! 

Reilly wanted to show Abby their families tradition of putting icing all over the birthday girl!

Abby wasn't too thrilled with it! 
I enjoyed watching the kiddos play and have fun on Abby's 3rd Birthday! 
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