Sunday, December 30, 2012

Detto's Master's Graduation Ceremony!!

Let me start by saying I am soooooooo proud of my hubby! 
I cannot believe all that he has accomplished, especially considering all of the obstacles that he has faced... one being DEPLOYED while going to school full time! 
He was in Iraq when he finished his Bachelors degree and so we missed out on that graduation. Then he started his Master's studies while deployed and 95% of it during his deployment.  

I really wanted to watch him walk and I really wanted our kids to experience it. 
For me it was a visible / tangible ceremony that represented all of the hours that he spent "working on school work"! 

The whole this was wonderful! 
I enjoyed all of the Christmas decorations! 

Especially this hand carved nativity from Israel made of olive wood.Simply Stunning! 

Stephen is so funny! 
 My Dad was so bummed that he couldn't make it to Detto's graduation. 
(He was in Haiti on a Missions Trip!)

The Southeastern Choir was awesome! 

I couldn't wait for it to be Detto's turn to get his collar thingy!! 

Here he is getting his collar! 


And getting his diploma!! 

I am sooo proud! 

What an awesome experience! 
He is such an inspiring man!

He does the impossible and makes it look easy! 
I want to be like Detto when I grow up! 

I love my family! 

Stephen can not help but make silly faces! 

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