Monday, December 31, 2012

Mount Dora Drum Line and Stephen!

Stephen played out at the Mount Dora Christmas Walk! 

It was obviously dark and so the pictures are not very good.

We stayed almost the entire time. 
We had to support our wonderful Stephen! 

Look who else came to see "Stee-Bee" play??
The one and only Abby! 
Abby brought her entourage of her parents, Noni & Pop-Pop and Reilly!! 

During Stephen's break we walked around to check out the other fun stuff going on... 

We found Santa! 

Then we headed to the ice cream shop!! 

One of the boys in the band "challenged" Detto to play. It was so cute watching Stephen and Detto play together! 
They are so cute! 
I had so much fun listening to the drum line and the Jazz band play. We didn't even really take time to check out the other bands. 
We were able to hear a few while we were walking around, but the drum line had the biggest crowd!! 

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