Sunday, February 7, 2010

Down on the SQUARE!!

Yesterday, I took Stephen to watch his friend play music in the Villages! If you have never heard of the Villages, WOW!! It is a Retirement Community, but it has changed the town that it is in!! You can find out more here!
D.J. was playing guitar in his fathers bands farewell concert! They have been playing in the Villages for 13yrs. They play a few times a month and they play the Annual Chili Cookoff!
It was fun watching the people dance and groove to the music!! Stephen and I spent most of the time making faces at D.J. and just observing...

I was happy that I ended up next to a woman who was embroidering pillowcases!! I got to talk to her about what machine she uses and her techniques!! I learned some new stuff!! Yeah!!

Alyssa joined us midway through the show and she had a blast! Alyssa is more of a free spirit!! Her eyes LIT UP when she spotted a Clown across the square. She had to get a picture with the clown and they she drifted back over to find out about the face painting and balloon animals!!

Then she danced and danced and danced and danced some more!! 

I really enjoyed our time!!

When we got home I finished making a diaper bag for a friend of mine and I organized my sewing room for my Super Bowl SEW-IN!! I am doing a UFO Challenge!! I'm really excited about it!!
This is one of the blocks that I just finished for another SWAP!! It is an iron!!
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