Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patricks Day Fun!!

Last night Detto played out with his brother Mike! We went to Orlando and they played a party at the Orlando Convention Center. It was lots of fun!
I TRIED my first BudLight (or is it lite?) and it was GREEN!!
Result - I didn't like it! I gave it to Tina!

Some people were REALLY ENJOYING themselves...

This guy was at my table. He was crackin' me up. He even Kissed Detto's cheek..
I love the look on Detto's face - Its like "Huh? I'm smiling to be nice." His shirt said "KISS ME, I might BE IRISH"

Here are some band photo's. They did really good.

These ladies ran up on the stage.

This guy jumped up on the table during one of the tables during the song "I'm Shipping up to Boston"!
I thought he was going to fall!
Let's just say I wont be celebrating like this every year!
I was the designated driver. So I think everyone else enjoyed themselves ALOT more than I did. LOL
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