Monday, March 28, 2011

He's Gone again...

Detto is officially gone again. He shipped out Friday at 4am! I hate mornings and this one was particuarly bad! Oh well! I think the weekend went pretty good.... I was sick and spent most of it in bed! But, I feel somewhat better now!
Stephen and I were talking about Dad being gone yesterday and he said that it feels different this time. It feels ok, "Like Dad is just at work and he will be home soon!" I liked that. I am going to hold onto that.

Before Detto left we went out to eat! It was GREAT! Thanks to everyone who came!

Amy and Abby

Mom & Dad & of course DETTO!!


Marge & David

And Ora!!

We went to Kiku's in Mount Dora...

He made a HEART!! Isn't that sweet?

I love all of the food! I realized that I took ALOT of food pics!

The onion volcano is one of my favorite parts!

We had lots of fun and good food!  

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