Friday, March 18, 2011

Roses, Roses, Oh How I LOVE Roses!

Detto has been working like a CRAZY MAN trying to get everything on my Honey-Do list done before he leaves. Little did I know he had his own list!
Over the weekend Detto started digging up a wide spot next to the driveway. You could only image what I was thinking..... WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
Then he started filling me in on his plans. (In his defense, we had talked about this briefly... but I forgot until he reminded me. hee hee hee)

So... Detto and I (yes, I helped) got to work getting the ground ready for his GREAT PLANS!!

I had gotten some decorative border grass this week so we started by making a clear border around the cleared area and then.... He took me to Lowes and let me pick out FIVE rose bushes and some ground heather! They are soooo pretty! The idea is, he wants me to have flowers when he's gone! 
I LOVE the way it looks!! 

The only thing left to do is to add the mulch.

We also started planting a hedge between our yard and "the neighbors"! The house next store to me has been empty the whole time we have lived here. The weeds just creep over from their untreated yard and its really annoying. So, we have decided to plant a hedge. The idea is to create some sort of barrier. AND... so we wont have to look at "the neighbors" yard. Recently, people have bought the house. It looks like they are doing alot of work on it. Hopefully they will get to the yard soon. Even if they make their yard pretty, I am looking forward to the privacy. We have over an acre of land so I think this hedge is going to take a while to establish. I have decided to only buy 4 bushes at a time.  
Here is the start of "THE HEDGE"

And I had to throw in a few pics of my Pansies before they are gone!

Alyssa and I planted some bell pepper seeds a few weeks ago. I was pleased to see how well they are doing. I think it is about time to transplant them.

I cant wait to see what he has planned next!
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