Friday, November 25, 2011

Starting the Holiday's off right....

Before the "Mass Consumption" began, aka Thanksgiving, we went to see Papa C to show him how thankful we are that he is still around!

Mom & Aunt Jane & Pop

Stephen got to talk to Detto for almost an hour.

Pop didn't want to finish his dinner, but he ate the entire cannoli and a piece of apple pie.

This is Ann-Marie she is 94yrs old and used to teach piano. She loves to play!

My Mom's side of the family are so crazy. It was so much fun hanging out.
When I say crazy I mean that as a compliment. Let me explain, we went to visit my grandfather at his assisted living home. There are aproximately 5 other residents living there full time. Well, my mom thought it would be a great idea to bring nerf toys! It was a GREAT idea!

Let me just say, this man can throw!!

look at the these crazy people...

We had a blast!
It was a very Happy "day before" Thanksgiving!
I cant wait to see what they do for Christmas!!
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