Friday, August 21, 2009

End of Summer

Well... its time to start school back up, but... We aren't ready yet! We are getting settled in the new house, but I'm not ready to start school. My kids are ready, they have asked if we can start school on Monday like Public School kids, but .... UGH!!
I haven't found all of their curriculum yet! I am thinking about starting some subjects just to make them happy. We'll see!! I still need to get Stephen's math from a friend of mine. Then I think we'll be ready!

My sister-in-law just had a baby on Monday. He is soooo cute!! We went to the hospital to visit him, but we weren't able to hold him. He was in an oxygen tent thingy for a few days, but now they are home and all is well!! I just got my computer set back up today... I had 409 new email messages. Wow!! I cant believe it!! I wasn't able to download picture onto my hubby's computer so I didn't bother posting till now!!

I love our new home and our new community. The community has a beautiful pool and playground. Today I took the kids swimming and guess what.... We me another homeschool family that lives here!! Yippy! There are 2 boys and 2 girls! The boys are 11yrs old and 9 yrs old. We are really excited about having other homeschoolers in our community!!
The kids are going to start baseball & tennis soon!! We are going to play for the city of Mount Dora this year. The field is aprox. 5 minutes from our house!! That make practices much easier for me!! I cant wait to get everything rolling!!
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