Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alyssa's Birthday Parties!

Alyssa had a great birthday! She was so cute.

We had a party at our house, Nana's, and Noni & Popi's! 3 Parties!! WOW!!
It was loads of fun. Check out all of the fun picks!!

After she got her guitar she made Stephen sit down and teach her some chords right away. It was so cute to watch my kids sit and play guitars together!! She also had Detto print out chord charts and worked with her for awhile!! She is like a sponge!!

She loved all of the princess stuff that she got at Noni's and one of her favorite gifts is a card making set that she got from Uncle John and Aunt Samantha!! And... her crystal carriage!!

Her big birthday plans included: eating cake, hanging out with the family, opening presents, and PLAYING BADMINTON!!! She loves to play badminton, it is her favorite game!! It was a lot of fun!!
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