Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Pranks!!

I LOVE APRIL FOOLS DAY! I spend lots of time preparing for today!
I have had some fun!! 
Today I decided to get my family with: 
1. Blue food coloring & salt on their toothbrushes
2. Lotion in their toothpaste
3. I tried to Saran Wrap Alyssa's door shut, but the cats kept playing with it!
4. I put lotion on the toilet seat! 
5. Fake Cat poo in Detto's sink, by the computer desk, and somewhere else (it hasn't been discovered yet)!
6. I put pink and purple lotion on Detto's windshield wiper and then turned it to the on position so he would get pretty colors in the morning. 
7. I put a Post-It-Note under Stephen's mouse so when he tried to do his school work the mouse wouldn't work! 

These are the ones that they have already discovered. 

I have several more, but I don't want to give away my secrets. 
I hope you are having lots of fun pranking each other! 

(Maybe next year I won't do anything and they will be suspicious all day anyways!!)


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